DECEMBER 01, 2020

Puture® presents to you our 2020 Debut Collection, the brand’s first product release. 2020 Debut Collection offers one design in one color, Beginnings Black.

Puture® is about expressing the growing pains of living happier. This collection furthers that narrative by expanding on the phrase “My perfect future”; interpreting the development of desire towards one’s future.

Story Behind Design...

The abstract of this design stems from a personal experience of learning to building value in our life despite not seeing it at the time.

We weren’t partially passionate at anything nor were we specifically good at a particular skill set. The pain of feeling useless, only ever jumping from one thing to another. The pain of feeling lost because nothing felt like it was ‘our purpose in life or ‘what we were meant to do’

“What were we living for?”

There was no future to manifest. There was no next step, solution, or answer. We developed a fear of not having a reason to wake up the next morning. Accumulating frustration and disappointment. Then a creative named David So and Anna Akana released a video that made us feel like we were not alone. Even though they didn’t have the exact answers, it opened new doors of perspective that elevated our emotional awareness. 

By confronting our thoughts every waking hour, we recognized that we were experiencing pent up anxiety; overwhelmed by social standards, insecurities, and choices. So we wrote all our thoughts onto paper; Lingered on these thoughts until we came to a conclusion that honestly, we just wanted a modest earning, surrounded by friends, and enjoy our time and feel free. So we chose the path that we could make that wish happen. It didn’t matter what we did, so long as we’re paving a life worth living in.

A modest earring, surrounded by friends, and enjoying our time and feeling free. That is our perfect future, PUTURE®.

Thank you for reading this far. We are grateful for your time and support. Share your PUTURE in the comment section below!

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