Self Awareness Collection


JANUARY 01, 2021

Puture® presents to you our Self Awareness Collection, offering one color in one design!

Puture® is about expressing the growing pains of living happier. This collection furthers that narrative by interpreting the recognition of the disconnection between self and emotion/mind.

Story Behind Design...

The abstract of this design stems from a personal experience of finally recognizing how unsatisfied we were with our life at the time and the direction it was heading.

We were living life as if we were robots; following the curriculum created for us, listening to our elders as if it were law, and living a cycle day after day in hopes that someday we will be rewarded with “successful”. We lived life according to what was expected of us; get good grades, go to college, get a high paying job, buy a house, raise family, etc. We didn’t question it, it’s not like we had a better plan.

One late night we found ourselves slaving away alone for a project in an empty dim lit room meant to occupy 80 people. Like always we found escape from the busy life through watching youtube videos of our favorite creators. However, this time what felt like one of our loneliest time, this though;

“I wish my life was like that.”

As if there was a short circuit in our system that made our gears grind all so slightly. We took a good look at ourselves and the surrounding. We wanted to be happy (just like them). Ever since then we couldn’t stop thinking about leaving this place and start somewhere new. Eventually we found the courage to take the leap of faith and followed our gut. The plan wasn’t elaborate, simply following what felt right. 

What we experienced that lonely night was our first major self awareness moment that changed our lives forever. We believe that self awareness is the first step towards living a happier life. Without self awareness, we would have never thought that we were living a life not true to ourselves. The growing pains of relearning who we are and the struggles of feeling lost and helpless with no direction from the leap of faith. Finding ways to better understand our own mind was the scariest thing of all, because honestly it was like we were a stranger to our own self.

Although we found clarity and flow with our emotional pace, we are very much still in the growing pains process. We are incredibly grateful for our past experiences, the people, and lessons that brought us to the opportunity of living a happier life. 

Thank you for reading this far. We are grateful for your time and support. Share your interpretation of the design in the comment section below!

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